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Helpline to solve sex-related problems hooks youngsters

India, May 16, 2010 – Asianage

urban life gets more complex and problematic, the dishing out of solutions become more simple. And Gen Y prefers help that’s just a call away, even when it’s related to matters of the heart or physical intimacy. Delhi youngsters took the lead on other states and registered the largest number of calls to a sex helpline. There’s no shying away for the capital’s young and inquisitive brigade, especially about the three-letter word.

It is surprising that Delhi youngsters, who are considered tech freaks instead of looking for their sexual and reproductive health related queries on the net are calling up a helpline number, 1800 –16555 that was started in 2008 by the National Population Stablisation Fund (Jansankhya Sthirata Kosh).

While the service was to cater to queries from Bihar, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh as they are “high fertility states”, after an analysis it was found that the maximum number of calls (22 per cent) have been made from Delhi. The authorities are surprised. Dr Amarjit Singh, Executive Director, JSK, says that though no direct publicity has been made about the call, people in Delhi seem much aware about it. “Most callers belong to the age group of 16 to 30 and newly married people (26-30) dominate the number,” says Dr Singh, also adding that the male female ratio of the callers is 70:30.

Interestingly, 33 per cent calls are related to contraceptive pills, its usage, the choices available in it and other queries related to it. Another popular query is on the period when a woman can conceive. The toll-free helpline has a bank of more than 500 frequently asked questions developed by Maulana Azad Medical College and Lady Hardinge Medical College.

Youngsters in the capital laud the helpline and say that Google results are not trustworthy and thus the helpline became a hit among youngsters, who know about it.

Ashu Kansal, a 23-year-old software professional says that the expert guidelines one gets from this helpline is the biggest advantage. “One would not get a genuine answer from anywhere else, that too when one doesn’t want to disclose one’s identity,” says Ashu.

However, Anup Roy, a business executive with a Noida-based company, who claims to be a shy person says that he would never take the help of this helpline. “I wouldn’t be able to talk about sex. I would rather search on the net,” he says, adding that youngsters who really want to explore things would call such a helpline.

Agrees 21-year-old Bharat Joshi, a final year B.Com student. “I believe the youngsters who are aware of such services call for fun. Even we have done it many times, not on this particular number, but other such services available,” he says.


Memphis, Tennessee, USA news


Nigeria: Bizzare – Commercial Sex Workers in Delta Attack Customers Over Unpaid Bills

Africa, JANUARY 4, 2016 – All Africa

Pandemonium broke out on Saturday at the popular cable point base of commercial sex workers in Asaba, Delta State when some commercial sex workers went berserk and allegedly attacked their customers over unpaid bills.

At the wake of the melee, it was reliably gathered that the commercial sex workers had resolved to increase their charges and had warned their customers who do not want to comply to steer clear of them but this was not to be as the victims claimed they were not put in the know of their new charges.

Eye witness, Ngozi Njeh said that a round of sex which used to be N1,000.00 was increased to N2,000 while a night often called ‘Day Break’ which used to be N5,000 was increased to N8,000; a situation the victims commercial sex workers.

It was further gathered that trouble started when the victims entered into one of the brothels (name withheld) as usual. At negotiations with the commercial sex workers, they agreed to pay for a night at N8,000 each.

Anabel Onweh, one of the commercial sex workers said “the victims agreed to pay us N8,000 each and we took them in, after using us, the following morning they were giving us N4,000 as against our bargain and we decided to attack them and beat them mercilessly because we know what brought us to this brothel”.

Investigation revealed that the victims were allegedly subjected to drinking private part washing water after their clothes were torn and injuries inflicted on them before Police at the A-Division came to their rescue.

At the A-Division Police Station, an officer who gave his name as Raphael (Surname withheld) said “we moved into the brothel with our men when we heard a shouting match between the commercial sex workers and their customers and on interrogation we discovered the customers refused to pay their bills and the matter was resolved amicably.”


Chaotic Official Sex Scandals Uncovered in China’s Yunnan Province

China, August 16, 2014 – The Epoch Times

A Hong Kong TV station recently reported on complicated sexual scandals and a suicide involving high officials in southwestern China’s Yunnan Province. The news has gone viral on China’s Internet.

Kong Chuizhu, Yunnan Province’s deputy from 2003 to 2014, died on July 12, with the cause of death said to be AIDS. Kong resigned this May due to his illness.

According to a report on Aug. 11 by Hong Kong’s Phoenix TV, an official in Beijing said that Kong died after jumping off a building.

A retired department level official in Yunnan said Kong had attempted suicide twice before, using broken glass to cut himself. Each time he was saved after being sent to the hospital.

After the suicide attempts the public learned of his having AIDS, which had been diagnosed early in 2009, the retired official said.

Phoenix TV reported that Kong had mistresses and an indulgent private life, which caused his AIDS disease. Kong was also said since the 1990s to have frequently gone to shops featuring pornography.

Having mistresses is a common thing among officials in Yunnan, and the disclosure of Kong’s disease scared them.

Kong and two other high-ranking officials each kept three of the same women as mistresses. “They didn’t even know that their mistresses are also mistresses for the other two,” an anonymous source who was Kong’s former Communist Party school classmate told Phoenix.

The classmate said, “Now that Kong is diagnosed with AIDS, their mistresses have to get themselves examined secretly.”

One of three officials involved in these sexual triangles was Shen Peiping, another former deputy governor of Yunnan, who was also Kong’s former secretary. Shen was investigated this March for “severe violations of discipline and law” and suspected of taking bribes and adultery. He was purged from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on Aug. 6.

Yunnan’s official news media has been low key in reporting Kong’s death and his disease. No mourning ceremony or memorialization reports have been published about the well-known high official. Instead, a brief, 40-word note appeared on the local newspaper six days later: “Comrade Kong Chuizhu, former deputy director of Yunnan Provincial People’s Congress and deputy party secretary, passed away due to illness in Kunming [Yunnan’s capital] on July 12, 2014.”

An official who was in charge of Kong’s security told Phoenix that Kong once attempted to bribe Li Jiating, former governor of Yunnan, with prostitutes in 1999.

“Kong Chuizhu arranged nearly 20 prostitutes for Li Jiating to pick, and Li was upset and left. We were all shocked then,” the official said.

However, in 2001, Li was himself dismissed and purged from the CCP for taking bribes and adultery with a married woman. Li was sentenced to death with a reprieve the next year, according to the Chinese press.

This series of official scandals has inspired a lot of discussion on the Internet, with many netizens saying that the Chinese officials are too corrupt. “This is just a microcosm of the officialdom,” netizen “Linhai Shanfeng11″1 remarked.

Netizen “Dongbei Zuoluo” commented, “The corruption now is unprecedented!”


Journalist investigates the sex lives of teenage girls

China, March 30, 2016 – China Post

AP–A few years ago, journalist Peggy Orenstein wrote a book called “Cinderella Ate My Daughter.” In it she examined the ultra-feminine values of “girlie girl” culture and wondered what impact the “princess industrial complex” would have on her daughter. As her daughter got older, Orenstein realized that it was time to investigate what was ahead for her as she approached puberty.

As a staunch feminist, Orenstein could only shake her head in disbelief.

“Were we moving forward or backward?” she writes. “Did today’s young women have more freedom than their mothers to shape their sexual encounters, more influence and more control within them? ”

To find out the answers, she interviewed psychologists, sociologists and other experts as well as dozens of young women.

She learned about the pressure on girls to look hot, to live their lives publicly on social media, to engage in sex solely for their partners’ gratification. She dug up alarming statistics about campus rape, binge drinking, and oral and anal sex among young women.

She didn’t lose hope. In the final chapter, Orenstein argues for a new model of sex education that presents sexual exploration as a normal part of adolescence based on mutual consent and for a new model of sexuality as “intimate justice” touching on larger issues of gender inequality, economic disparity and power dynamics.

For her daughter and all the girls she interviewed, “I want sexuality to be a source of self-knowledge and creativity and communication despite its potential risks. I want them to revel in their bodies’ sensuality without being reduced to it. … We’ve raised a generation of girls to have a voice, to expect egalitarian treatment … Now it’s time to demand that ‘intimate justice’ in their personal lives as well.”


City witnessing rise in child prostitution

India, July 30, 2016 – The Assam Tribune

GUWAHATI, July 30 – This is not a story picked up from a movie or a best seller. Ranjita Das (name changed) is 12 years old now and despite having a family of mother, father and sisters, is forced by destiny to live under the roof of Global Organization for Life Development (GOLD), a non-government organization which has been for long working in the field of rehabilitating commercial sex workers and trafficked victims. Hailing from a village in lower Assam, Ranjita was send to the capital city at the age of nine to work as a domestic help, as her father and mother — both daily wage earners — were unable to provide food to all the hungry mouths in the family. The tragic saga of Ranjita’s life began since then as she was forced to have sex with the employer. The employer also forced Ranjita to have sex with his friends and many other men.

She was rescued by GOLD and in the last three years she has been trying to forget the painful past.

Ranjita’s is the not the lone case of a child being forced into prostitution. Over the years, rescue workers have come across many girls below the age of 18 years forced or lured into the flesh trade. As per a study by GOLD, the demand for child prostitutes in the city has risen and the clientele list includes the educated and the rich in the age group of 15 to 60 years.

It is worth mentioning here that since May this year, GOLD has rescued five girls below the age of 18 from different parts of the capital city. All these girls were compelled by circumstances to work as sex workers.

Behind the swanky malls and high rises of the fast growing capital city there are many sordid nooks, and child prostitution has emerged as one of those sore areas which if left untreated for long will pose a serious problem to the society.

“In the last couple of years, the city has witnessed more girl child working as sex workers,” said Kaveri Sarma, assistant general secretary of GOLD.

Most of the girl child prostitutes have been rescued from the rental quarters in the city. Of late, the rental quarters are seen to function as brothel houses, and some of the hotels too are serving the purpose of the perverted who are seeking out a girl child. Guwahati till date has no licensed brothel house.

A host of factors are behind the increase in child prostitution in the city. One of the crucial reasons is the livelihood crisis in the rural and remote areas of the State which has triggered large-scale migration to the city.

These migrants find accommodation in the poverty pockets including the slum areas in the city.

Rejia (name changed) is 16 years old and she has to fend her family that migrated to the city eight years back. She waits at the labour market in Hatigaon to get employment for the day, but very often she lands up in bed with a male partner. “The income is more in this trade. I have no other option of earning money for my family,” she said.

A comprehensive study on the issue of child prostitution in the city is yet to be undertaken. The Bhootnath slum, 2 No Gate, Paltanbazar, Ganeshguri, etc., are some of the points where sex is traded.

This thriving flesh trade has not disturbed the acquired nonchalance of the denizens of Guwahati so far. But the need of the hour is a concerted effort from various organizations as well as the official agencies to find a solution to child prostitution.

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